In the tech world and other fields that are heavily dependent on technology, product development is the key to smooth functioning. The applications and tools that are used within companies are crucial to everyday operations and can seriously hinder productivity if they malfunction. Many companies, however, do not develop existing programs further and end up paying the price later.

Lack of resources for testing and development is the number one reason for lagging behind. This is where Scepter comes in. We have state-of-the-art tools, frameworks and databases that make testing extremely efficient while simultaneously reducing the time required. We offer a complete range of tools required for testing, including tools, assets, guidelines and personnel. Some key services we provide are:

  • Setting up testing centres
  • Assessing various applications and products through evaluation strategies, models and relevant metrics
  • Everything from the assembly to the customer acceptance aspect of the product is tested thoroughly.
  • We prioritise that working of the application while testing to see how much volume it can take and still perform adequately.
  • Once the testing is complete, we provide detailed reports on defects, management and metrics
  • We can provide the necessary tools and personnel to test out products on a regular basis, which is a must for development.


We consider all the factors and deliver a complete strategy for testing. Our strategies allow team members to quickly understand the problem, make the necessary changes and develop custom solutions. We have the personnel required to carry out the testing and assist in-house team members wherever they need it.

All of the above enable companies to test and get products out to their customers at a quicker pace. They can also deal with any problems in a more time efficient manner.


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Scepter recognized as one of the Inc 5000 fastest growing private company in USA for the fifth consecutive year

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