The IT aspect of every business will prosper when there is a constant thread of communication and collaboration. DevOps focuses on the interdependency of IT software and teams, meaning that we aim to improve the team work between different IT teams. The end result is the overall improvement in the development of applications and improved workflow in the IT department.

Implementing a DevOps program is a tough ask as there are numerous problems along the way. Here are a few services that Scepter Technologies can provide to make the process easier:

Risk assessment

Scepter Technologies offers a complete analysis to see if there are any risks to implementing a new IT strategy that benefits the company as a whole. Identifying these risks and mitigating them allows companies to form a clear path towards adoption of newer technologies. Understanding the risks also reduces the possibility for dealing with disruptive technology in a much quicker manner.


DevOps’ key goal is to automate mundane tasks to make room for more high priority ones. These tasks usually limit productivity and thus need to be eliminated or automated. Moreover, automated structures ensure faster testing and deployment of applications and application-based environments.

Other key services that we provide include:

  • Continuous integration of testing and other programs that enhance productivity
  • Continuous enhancement to the program development process
  • Automation of numerous tools and tasks for improved productivity
  • Development reviews
  • Full scale programs for implementation of DevOps strategies

All of these services make it easy for our clients to improve their existing IT structure and making the most out of their technology. We have systems in place to make sure that the transition to DevOps is done smoothly without interfering with the workflow of the company. Scepter Technologies and DevOps implementation go hand in hand.


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