Ever business depends on a number of applications for smooth, daily functioning. These applications have to be up to date and able to handle the increasing daily needs brought on by rapid technological advancements. At Scepter Technologies, we do a thorough analysis to understand where a given company stands in terms of their current applications and produce detailed reports about the current state. Similar to an audit, we perform the analysis and produce a comprehensive report that will give our clients the following advantages:

  • Having standardized applications throughout with the same versions of applications being used.
  • Consolidating applications to form a more compact package
  • Handle connectivity and data collection issues
  • Plan training requirements for the future and have the right tools at hand

We offer one of the most versatile application packaging services to ensure improvement in work processes. Legacy packages are one of the key areas of focus. Adapting to legacy packages can be a hassle but with our flexible work approach and fixed rates, legacy packages will be a breeze to handle. Migrating to .msi and Windows Installer packages is made easy to make the best out of existing software.

The packages that we modify or create are compliant with ICE standards and compatible with the latest Windows platforms. We even provide a warranty in case our packages are not as sociable or co-existent as promised.

Keeping transparency as one of our core values, we update our clients on the progress made on each package. Moreover, we offer post-installation support in the form of upgrades, patches and core technological assessments. We understand that businesses will need help adjusting to newer packages and accordingly offer consulting services to ensure complete skills transfer.

With the help of our partners, we strive to provide the best technology for our clients on an on-going basis. Success in a time of technological advancement is dependent on the fast adoption of these advancements and Scepter is the best choice for doing this.


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Programmer Analyst

Under general direction, the Programmer Analyst develops low complex code or programs within business applications and supports or enhances existing business applications to ensure project requirements and business needs are met. While participating in small...